Co-founder Mike Harding on the Recruiting Animal Show

The Recruiting Animal

After a twitter exchange with @ResumeStrategy last month, Mike was suggested to be a guest on the Recruiting Animal show on Blog Talk Radio.

It should be interesting to get the recruiting view on and to discuss hiring, careers, etc. There will be a lively exchange and who knows, maybe there will be something to learn too.

Check out Recruiting Animal’s website here and join us for the show Weds March 25th at 9am Pacific. The dial in details are there on the site in the right hand column.

31Jan/120 Featured on LifeHacker! Creates a Professional Landing Page to Serve as a Resume Alternative

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12Jan/120 Featured on Laughing Squid!



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9Jan/120 Featured on The Next Web: Does More Than Create Your CV, It Lets You Share Your Story With Personalized Infographics

"This past year has seen people get pretty creative with their job applications and makes it easier than ever for those of us who don’t have the know-how or the resources to get in on the action."


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25Oct/110 In The News

News, illustrated!

Yesterday we heard what users were saying about the product. Today, we'll take a look at some of the content that media and bloggers have created about since our September launch.

4 Simple Tools for Creating an Infographic Resume - From Mashable, "[ is] by far the most visually pleasing option."

10 New Websites for Your Job Search - From US News & World Report, featured as #1 website.

Some New Sites To Rev Up Your Job Search - From Business Insider, featured as the #1 site.

A Passing Trend or the Future? Resume Infographics - From Famous Bloggers, tag line is highlighted - Don't send a resume, share your story.

Don't send a resume. Share your story. - From Ziipa, a small feature highlighting

HOW TO: Get Your Own Personal Infographic Web Page - From Career Tipster, " is, so far, my favorite."

Visualize with infographic resume creator and building tools - From Online Social Media, outlines options to create infographic resumes including "The cure for the common resume" - From Mobile Money Travel, an in-depth review of the capabilities of

AMEX Open Forum - From the AMEX Open Forum, "[] produces a stylish, web-based infographic.", tu currículo no volverá a pasar indiferente - From GenBeta in Spanish, an in-depth look at

Re.Vu, crea la infografía de tu curriculum vitae - From CheckApps in Spanish, a nice history of the resume and look at

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U.S. News & World Report Article Featuring Syndicated to Yahoo! Finance


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21Oct/110 Featured in U.S. News & World Report: 10 New Websites for Your Job Search

Author Heather Huhman features in the On Careers column in the Money section of U.S. News & World Report web site today:

New websites are popping up everyday, aiming to help you find a job, land an opportunity, or build your brand online.

What are these websites, and how can they help you? It’s been six months since I last wrotea pieceabout what’s out there, so it’s time for an update. Here are 10 new websites for your job search: Customized, Interactive, Visual Online Resume is free and easy to set up. New users can instantly import their employment history from LinkedIn with a single click, or they can enter it manually. In addition to an employment timeline, profiles can display more than a dozen infographic widgets, offering information on everything from the evolution of a user’s skills to their favorite pastimes. Portfolio uploads allow users to include their best work—images, documents, or videos—as part of their profiles. Professionally designed themes and customization options provide even more ways for users to differentiate themselves.




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12Oct/110 Reviewed on the AMEX Open Forum

"This is, by far, the most visually pleasing option of all of the apps we reviewed."


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Fresno Business Journal Article

The Fresno Business Journal reports on winning the 59 Days of Code competition:

Tech startups and GuideKit were the big winners in yesterday’s 59 Days of Code competition. won the in-progress category after completing a web application that aims to change the way resumes are created. Designed by Stephen Years, moves away from the traditional paper resume and allows users to create a resume full of graphs, pictures and other widgets.

“This is an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in these job seekers lives,” said Years, while explaining how the current unemployment rates inspired him to create the online service.


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22Jun/110 Wins at 59 Days of Code!

We are totally excited to have won the 59 Days of Code competition for the "In-Progress" category!

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